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Krung Siam Thai Restaurant Review Chinatown Las Vegas Nevada

Krung Siam Thai Restaurant Las Vegas outside

Since moving to Las Vegas, I’ve been to Chinatown several times and every time I drove by this Krung Siam Thai restaurant on my way to get asian groceries at 99 Ranch Market. It’s hard to miss it when you drive along Spring Mountain Road entering Chinatown area in Las Vegas. You will see it on the left of the street. Well several days ago during my quest to hit SPG Platinum 75 at the Four Points Las Vegas East Flamingo, I decided to go to Krung Siam Thai Restaurant Chinatown Las Vegas Nevada for the first time.

Krung Siam Thai Restaurant Las Vegas : Inside Look

Krung Siam Thai restaurant is open 7 days a week which is cool because you know some restaurants are open only on certain days or only for dinner time. Anyway entering the premises the layout looked familiar. I think I’ve been there before when it was a Malaysian restaurant. There’s a pretty Geisha art by the entrance (which I forgot to take pic of but it will be in my Youtube video review). Ahead, you will see a sizable bar with tons of booze stocked on the walls.

Krung Siam Thai Restaurant Las Vegas - Bar Area

The seating area inside Krung Siam Thai Restaurant is spacious with tables and private booths available. The decor is still Christmassy with Christmas tree and star ornaments hanging around. There’s a podium too so I’m thinking there’s live band/singing/karaoke at night here? That would be cool tho to be serenaded while you’re eating your dinner – assuming the singer is good haha! I was quickly greeted by a smiling hostess who sat me in one of their private booths, which I prefer than open space table.

Krung Siam Thai Restaurant Las Vegas - Seating Area

Krung Siam Thai Restaurant’s Menu

I was given 2 menu, one for food and the other one is for booze. Pretty standard. Buttttttttt….then she gave me a tablet with pictures of the menu items! Whoa cool! I’m a visual person and I love to look at pictures of the food I’m about to order instead of trying to imagine what it would look like from a long list of menu items. I don’t know why not more restaurants do this – it seriously helps! So bravo to Krung Siam Thai Restaurant! When I was in Japan a lot of them do this just because ya know tourists can’t read Japanese ?

Krung Siam Thai Restaurant Las Vegas - Menu

I’m not sure how late the lunch specials are served but I was there around 2pm something so they gave me the dinner menu instead. Whenever I try a new Thai restaurant, I judge them by a few standard menu items; either pad thai, or chicken red curry with brown rice or tom yum. I mean these are some of the most popular Thai food, if a restaurant can manage to eff these up, you can be sure it’s not worth coming back. So obvi, I ordered the pad thai goong (means with shrimp). Oddly enough there is no option to order with chicken? The spicyness option is just 2 though…spicy or not spicy. Hmm I wonder how spicy is spicy? So to be safe I just ordered non-spicy. I also ordered the Thai ice tea (another item that I judge a Thai restaurant on).

Yummy Thai food at Krung Siam Thai Restaurant

I didn’t have to wait long for the food to come though! There’s not many customers since it was late in the afternoon so that could be it. By this time I was starving but have a look of what came by ?

Krung Siam Thai Restaurant Las Vegas - Pad Thai and Thai Ice Tea

The Pad Thai was yummy! It was not spicy (as ordered), the shrimps are jumbo and fat, but perhaps most importantly (to moi) is that it’s not super sweet. Thai restaurants in the U.S. tends to make their Pad Thais super sweet for some reason and I definitely appreciate the fact that Krung Siam Thai Restaurant’s version is not! There’s a lot more shrimps than noodles which was also a plus. The bean sprouts were fresh and crunchy; so were the green onions (scallions). I asked for the spice rack and added some red chilli paste as well as asked for some lime/lemon (they brought lemon). With those additions, I would give this dish 8.5/10.

The Thai Ice Tea came first so it was sitting with the ice melting before I finally drink it (so I could do the ShahShay Taste Test video). That could be the reason why it felt light/not as creamy/slightly sweet but that it was still good tho! I’d rate it with 8/10.

Final thoughts on Krung Siam Thai Restaurant Chinatown

So overall Krung Siam Thai restaurant in Chinatown Las Vegas, Nevada gets 4.5 Ashie Stars from me! Would I come back? Absolutely! The next time I come back I’d try their tom yum or red curry with chicken and brown rice and do another review for you guys. I shall be posting my video review on Youtube soon too so make sure you subscribe to our channel !

Krung Siam Thai Restaurant Report Card
Restaurant Krung Siam Thai Restaurant Chinatown Las Vegas Nevada
Address 3755 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Hours 11.30am - 12.30am
Phone (702) 735-9485
Rating Review Rating - 4 and a half Ashie Stars

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